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Confident. Competent. Charming

Brand ambassadors



Brand ambassadors

Thanks to recognition given over the years and a reputable client base, we've built an extensive network of energetic talents. They're a crucial ingredient for any successful event; pleasant-looking, sociable, and well-mannered people. Whether you need hostesses for launches or brand ambassadors for your night channels, we have the right fit for you.

Brand Ambasadors


Having in-store promoters is a great way to gain market penetration. They aid in introducing new products and driving offers effectively to your target audience. Our in-store promoters are confident and competent; equipped with years of experience. We have a team of project executives to ensure that programs are well executed to plan.



Emcees are dubbed as conductors of the orchestra when it comes to running an event. However, they are often overlooked. They help to create unforgettable moments for your products by engaging consumers. We offer eloquent, captivating and versatile emcees that are able to suit the settings of your event, be it D&D occasions, product launches or in-store programs.

Looking for manpower? You've come to the right place.
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