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We provide storage, equipment, and setup services required to reduce your hassle


Display setup

equipment rental

Image by chuttersnap


We understand that organising events comes with the inevitable hassle of logistics management and storage issues.


Luckily for you, we have a warehouse with readily available space to help reduce your logistics frustrations. That's not all, we will deliver your goods with timeliness and care as well!


Display setup

The most vital factor that will help you stand out amidst competition - aesthetics. The essence of your brand is incorporated in these subtle consumer touch points.


From ideation to execution, our well-experienced team will see you through the entire process with professionalism. We can get quality displays up and running with no hassle.

Display Setup
Image by John Benitez

Equipment rental

If you are lacking equipment for your event, we're here to help get your event space up and running in no time.

✔ Customised Booths/Standees/Backdrops

✔ Audio & Visual Systems

✔ Pull-up Banners

✔ Wheel of Fortune (Big/Small)

✔ Lucky Dip Boxes

✔ Carpeting & More

Need logistic solutions? You've come to the right place.
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